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Ideate, innovate and inspire

For 25 years and counting, OtterBusiness has grown to become the global leader in premium innovations for phones and tablets. OtterBusiness focuses on breaking new ground, helping our customers seize success with the right solutions in hand. 


From modular tooling capabilities to injection molding expertise to our 300+ patents, innovation drives our pursuit — ensuring that every OtterBusiness solution is ready for whatever the workday brings. 


This planet is a shared resource, and a shared responsibility. OtterBusiness is taking measurable steps to reduce our impact, enhance our processes and improve our stewardship.

Commitment to you

OtterBusiness sets the highest standards for our solutions. The same goes for our commitment to you. From our collaborative approach to our uncontested customer service we aim to overachieve.

Tested by Otter. Trusted by you.

Different tests

Patents based on tireless development and design

Years of trusted OtterBusiness protection

Test hours

Passion for protection

DROP+ is a promise that every product we make is ready for anything. We test cases for everything you can think of. And a lot of things you probably wouldnt even imagine. Each case series must pass every stringent test before it receives the DROP+ designation. The + in DROP+ represents the extra tests our engineers perform, in addition to MILSTD, to deliver the defense devices need.

What is Military Standard?

Military Standard (MILSTD810G 516.6) is a series of tests designed by the U.S. Department of Defense to determine the overall durability of a product. It requires a cased device be dropped 26 times from 4 feet. This proves the edges, corners, front and back of a case prevail through multiple impacts and that weve made the toughest phone case possible.

We take testing even further and subject our cases to MILSTD testing multiple times. 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5Xwe fatigue test our cases again and again to ensure they  survive drop after drop, not just the first few.

Otter Products Sustainable Strides

Sustainable strides
This plant is a shared resource, and a shared responsibility. At Otter Products, we’ve taken concrete steps to reduce our impact, enhance our processes, and improve our stewardship. Not because we had to — because it’s the right thing to do.

In House: Our distribution centers recycle more than 80% of their scrap, diverting 500,000+ pounds from the landfills in 2023.

In Product: Roughly 50% of the plastics used in our most popular designs are recycled.

In Package: Packaging contains nearly no plastic and is curbside-bin recyclable.

On the Horizon: Our focus – continually questioning how we can build smarter, run leaner and be a greener brand. For us and for you.

We earned our reputation building reliable, longlasting mobile accessories that can take a thrashingwithout ending up in the trash can. Today, roughly 50% of the plastics used in our most popular designs are recycled. By the end of 2023, we estimate that we will have repurposed more than 4.6 million pounds of recycled content. And the count keeps growing. Using recycled materials has an added benefitit cuts carbon emissions by at least 30% of what virgin plastic processing and manufacturing produces1. By building phone cases using recycled materials, we are minimizing our impact and contributing to a circular economy.

On the horizon

There is no single end goal for making sustainable phone cases, no number were trying to hit because there are always ways to improve. And thats our focuscontinually questioning how we can build smarter, run leaner and be a greener brand. For us and for you.


Giving is in our DNA

We Grow to Give’ is our company mission. And, we measure our success as a company by our ability to give back. Through our partnership with the OtterCares Foundation, we invest in programs and projects that inspire kids to be entrepreneurs, philanthropists, makers, doers and givers.



We close our doors to open our hearts

Once a year, for one day, the entire Otter Products corporation closes all offices across the globe. Employees spread out into their communities to spend the day giving back through handson volunteering with schools, students and nonprofits. Your business can give back too! Work with a nonprofit that your company cares about by either volunteering or finding fun and easy ways to invite your customers to support your companys chosen cause.


Otters in Action

Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

OtterBusiness Volunteer
OtterBusiness Volunteers
OtterBusiness Volunteer

Every Otter Products employee gets 24 hours of paid volunteer time off each year. And we passionately put it to good use.