Manufacturing & ENERGY

Opportunities within the Manufacturing & ENERGY Industry

The Manufacturing & Energy Industry has long been a paper, pencil and outdated two-way technology world due to inherent workplace risks and strict on-site regulations. With tested, trusted device defense from OtterBusiness, we make it easier than ever to implement smart solutions that unlock efficiencies and improve safety for connected workers on the move.

Why OtterBusiness

OtterBusiness is in the business of breaking down barriers. Whether its firstofakind, thirdparty certified designs for Hazardous Locations (HazLoc) or resilient device defense for your hardworking hardhats, we strive to bring productivity, continuity and peace of mind to your systems, processes and people.

Overcoming obstacles

  • The Manufacturing & Energy industry is under more public scrutiny than ever leaving no room for risk
  • Work environments where combustible dusts, flammable gases, mists or vapors can contribute to explosive atmospheres substantiate the need for safe, reliable solutions
  • Todays standards required manufacturers to shoulder the burden of proving that equipment meets requirements for safe use. Certified solutions from OtterBusiness make it easier than ever to adhere to evolving HazLoc criteria


Methods of certification, integration, and connection

Download our regulatory technical paper for an indepth look at how OtterBusiness achieves thirdparty UL, ATEX and IECEx certified protection for iPad OS devices in hazardous locations.

Solutions for manufacturing & Energy

OtterBox Hardline Series Accessories


OtterBusiness Hardline Series case + enclosed device has been evaluated against more than 200 mandated regulatory requirements to gain UL certification for the US and Canada, plus IECEx and ATEX internationallygiving businesses the freedom to move from paper to mobile device technology in approved hazardous locations.

HazLoc tablet and phone solutions

Hardline Series Suite

Hardline Series Suite

UL certified for the US and Canada, plus IECEx and ATEX internationally, device-integrated Hardline Series cases for iPad and iPhone bring rugged reliability to connected workers around the world.

Defender Series XT Division 2

Defender Series XT Division 2

Now available for iPhone 14 and 15, UL certified Defender Series XT Division 2 is a MagSafe-compatible workforce workhouse that includes tether mounting points that help prevent accidental drops.

Defender Series Division 2

Defender Series Division 2

Empower your top teams with UL certified, device-integrated Defender Series Division 2 cases for iPhone, iPad (10th gen) and iPad mini.

Non-HazLoc tablet and phone solutions

Defender Series for iPad and iPhone

Defender Series for iPad and iPhone

Defender Series delivers rugged device protection that guards against drops, dust and scrapes by covering the entire device with three layers of trusted rugged protection. Its multilayer construction combines an internal shell, outer slipcover and touchscreen scratch protector for the unstoppable productivity protection.

Commuter Series

Commuter Series

Commuter Series is the thin iPhone 14 Plus case that guards phones against drops and bumps. Wireless ready, it works with both Qi and MagSafe charging pads (no magnets in case). A pocketfriendly profile with robust defense and added grip combine to keep your teams moving toward their targets.

Frē Series

Frē Series

Designed and engineered to keep pace with your workplace pursuits, Frē Series Waterproof iPhone 15 case with MagSafe helps safeguard success. Frē covers your phone on all sides, keeps up with every activity and survives hard falls along the way. Plus, it snaps securely to MagSafe accessories.

Accessories for Manufacturing & Energy

Three variations of screen protection


Click to browse the full range of scratch- and smudge-resistant screen protection solutions from OtterBusiness.

Charging stand and power cord


Wall chargers and cables to MagSafe power accessories, click to see the full range of OtterBusiness power solutions.

Mounts for phones


OtterBusiness has the right solutions for improving safety and maximizing efficiencies across Manufacturing sphere. Click to browse the complete OtterBusiness Product Portfolio.