Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Please read this disclosure policy fully before reporting any vulnerabilities. This policy applies only to original, unreported vulnerabilities; not vulnerabilities already discovered internally and/or externally. Volumetric vulnerabilities are not covered by this policy.

Please be aware Otter Products, LLC does NOT authorize any security research, testing or interactions that could be considered an attack on any of our websites or systems.

It is not currently possible to offer a paid bug bounty program.

If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability (in line with the scope above), please submit it via

Otter Products, LLC recognizes the efforts of these individuals in helping secure our online presence:

Sumit Tiwari
Mridul Vohra
Zain Iqbal
Sundarr Insa
Kunal Mhaske
G Bharath kalyan
Abdul Rauf Memon
Mohd Farzaan
Yash Raj
Oluwafemi Adeleye
David Stephenson
Aqib Naeem
Parth Narula