OtterBusiness Power Accessories
OtterBusiness Power Accessories

Power to your people

Designed with dependability in mind, OtterBusiness charging solutions keep your teams powered up — whether at the office or on the move. Our range includes everything from durable Standard accessories to rugged, fast-charging Premium accessories.

Power chargers and cables are available for purchase in efficient Pro Pack packaging, designed to optimize your procurement process, save time and minimize waste. Take charge today with OtterBusiness power solutions.

Standard vs. Premium

When it comes to dependable and durable charging accessories, OtterBox standard range excels:

These accessories are tested for safety, durability and optimised for fast charging
The are compatible with a wide range of devices, including Apple, Samsung, Google and more

If you’re seeking top-tier charging accessories, OtterBox Premium range delivers: 

Our premium charging accessories undergo rigorous safety testing and come wrapped in a tough exterior for years of use
These accessories are optimised for fast charging and sport a compact and contemporary design identifiable by the gold band
Like the standard range, they are also compatible with a variety of devices, including Apple, Samsung, Google and more

Standard Power Portfolio

Cables | Standard

With data speeds up to 480 Mbps and power up to 60W, the Fast Charge Cable ensures your team stays charged up and connected with no hassle or wasted time. Our able-bodied cable is flex-tested for durability and comes in a variety of lengths.

Premium Power Portfolio

Wall Chargers | Premium

Premium Fast Charge Wall Chargers are engineered to endure. Available in various outputsincluding 20W, 30W, 45W and 50Wthey feature a durable, compact design and are quality certified. Premium range includes both single and multiport options. 

Cables | Premium

Premium Fast Charge Cables are flex/bend tested up to 30,000 times to ensure they withstand workplace rigors. The braided nylon coating combats tangling, fraying and adds a sophisticated finish. These Premium cables are available in a range of connector types, lengths and color options. Durable and highly dependable, they are built to outlast.

Car Chargers | Premium

Premium Car Chargers feature a smart and compact design and undergo drop and vibration testing for exceptional durability. They are perfect for keeping your team charged on the road, minimizing downtime during client visits and meetings.

Power Banks | Premium

Stay topped up on the go with hardworking power banks from OtterBusiness. Uninterrupted access to power ensures your workforce stays productive and connected, reducing downtime and ensuring efficiency.

USB Cable Guide

Stay connected to what counts



Lightning to USB-C

USB Micro to USB-A

USB-A: The classic connection, but outdated and slow by today’s standards.

USB-C: Supports fast charging and recommended for an optimal experience with OtterBusiness premium chargers. Most Android devices, as well as the latest iPhone 15 from Apple, require this connection.

Lightning: In 2023 Apple abandoned its Appleexclusive Lightning port and transitioned to USBC following the iPhone launch.

USB-Micro: Another classic, used on older Android devices, that’s since been replaced by USB-C.

Apple MagSafe Wireless Chargers

3-in-1 Charging Station for MagSafe

Our innovative 3-in-1 Charger for MagSafe powers Apple devices in one sleek, space-saving stand. Perfect for workstations, 3-in-1 Charging Station keeps devices powered and organized in one place.

Charger Stand for MagSafe

Sleek, compact MagSafe charger stand with small footprint and raised magnet pad with strong magnetic attachment is the ideal iPhone resting place in the office or home office. Your teams simply attach iPhone to the premium wireless charging stand and stay productive.