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Opportunities within THE Retail Industry

Shifting consumer behaviors and evolving ecommerce playbooks present both challenges and opportunities for retailers on the rise. From SMBs to nationwide chains, long-run success hinges on having the ability to anticipate the changes ahead, all while adapting to the transitions and transactions at hand.


retail managers agree that having the right technology is crucial to improving staff efficiency.¹

Why OtterBusiness

Retail resiliency and profitability hinge on harmony. When the innerworkings come unraveled, efficiencies lag, sales stall and the customer experience suffers. OtterBusiness keeps retailers on the right track with systems-compatible solutions that sync with everything from your tap-to-pay experience to your self-service presence, expanding the capabilities of the mobile technology you rely on for results.

Overcoming Obstacles 

  • SUPERVISORS: More than ever, management activities are best handled on the floor. Mobile technology positions you for success, providing opportunities for contactless payments and real-time inventorying, while also supporting your mobile salesforce. The payoff comes in the form of increased facetime and an improved customer experience
  • RETAIL ASSOCIATES: Bring your POS system to the customer, while giving your retail business the ability to check product availability and pricing — in the moment and on the move

1Source: Engage Employee/McKinsey Report


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Across the Retail spectrum, businesses are standardizing with mobile IOS devices. As device deployments increase, customers demand mobile protection systems with accessory compatibility, so that jobs can be performed more effectively — and efficiently. Whether it’s enhancing front-of-house services or streamlining back-of-house processes, OtterBusiness equips your teams with operational optimizing solutions for:

  • EFFICIENCY: Turn cluttered processes into simplified services with modular mobile solutions designed to work the way your business works
  • FLEXIBILITY: Bust lines, expand contactless payment processes and meet the rapidly changing demands of your expanding consumer base
  • SECURITY: Increase the longevity of devices with tested, trusted defense against unforeseen accidents and standard wear-and-tear


Tablets and Phone Solutions

uniVERSE Case System for iPad and iPhone

uniVERSE for iPad and iPhone

uniVERSE Case System features a slotted rail under a removable accent plate, letting employees securely attach and easily swap out powerful partner modules like inventory scanners, POS card readers and auxiliary power products — without ever removing the case.

Defender Series for iPad and iPhone
Defender Series for iPad and iPhone

Defender Series delivers rugged device protection that guards against drops, dust and scrapes by covering the entire device with three layers of trusted rugged protection. Its multi-layer construction combines an internal shell, outer slipcover and touchscreen scratch protector for the unstoppable productivity protection.

uniVERSE Case System for iPad and iPhone
React Series Necklace MagSafe

Ultra-thin, resilient necklace phone case protects against drops and fumbles. The slim React Series case is thoughtfully designed to provide seamless interaction with MagSafe chargers and accessories. Its solid one-piece form is precision-fit to your phone and its soft-touch edges provide great grip. The case installs easily, and the necklace feature delivers reliable carrying options that help prevent drops.

Defender Series for iPad and iPhone
Symmetry Series 360 Elite

Symmetry Series 360 Elite is the clear iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen and 5th gen) case that displays the back of your iPad for easy asset-tag scanning, while the versatile folio, with interior accent color, guards your touchscreen. The folio seamlessly folds out of the way and converts to multiple stand angles for comfortable typing and hands-free viewing. Includes Apple Pencil* storage.
*Apple Pencil not included.


Screen protection

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Magesafe charging stand

Wall chargers and cables to MagSafe power accessories, click to see the full range of OtterBusiness power solutions.

Magsafe mount

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