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Case Studies

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Defender Series & Police Scotland: A Case Study

Police Officer talking on an OtterBusiness protected smartphone
Avon and Somerset Police, UK

“Buying quality that will last the test of time. It is the best investment you can make.” James Coburn

Learn how OtterBusiness is protecting Avon and Somerset Police Force’s investment in technology.

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Man holding OtterBusiness protected tablet
Qbuzz, Netherlands

Protecting tablets on the move.

No broken tablets meant no repair or replacement costs. Qbuzz drivers can connect and work online whenever they need to and wherever they are.

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OtterBusiness case protected smartphone

Perth Children's Hospital, Australia

Protecting specialist pediatric hospital’s investment in technology 

Protect devices from damages, drops and bumps, as well as meeting strict hygiene requirements in a healthcare setting.

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Child using OtterBusiness Case protected tablet

Barisschool Primary School, Belgium

Protecting schools’ investment in technology

Ensuring devices and the school’s IT budget are protected with no iPads broken so no downtime or costly repairs and replacements.

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