Four OtterBox Tablet Cases

Tablet Cases

Designed to protect everyday productivity, browse below to see our range of OtterBusiness cases that cater to your on-the-job use cases.

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Achiever Series

The new Achiever Series Folio ST is the product of working closely with experts across the education field to identify the needs of teachers, students and IT professionals using the latest iPad (10th gen) devices. This tough and versatile folio case features on-the-spot access to power, display and audio, as well as a power-saving design that puts the device into sleep mode when the folio is closed. Its clear asset tag window allows for easy inventorying.

Achiever Series Folio ST

Equip your classrooms with the iPad (10th gen) folio case designed with student engagement and investment protection in mind. Achiever Series Folio ST case for iPad (10th gen) brings together OtterBox’s 25-year legacy of trusted device defense with on-the-spot access to power, display and audio for uninterrupted learning — inside and outside the classroom.

Defender Series

Whether scanning orders, sharing presentations or working in the field, Defender Series guards against drops, dust and scrapes by covering the entire device with three layers of trusted rugged protection. Its multi-layer construction combines an internal shell, outer slipcover and touchscreen scratch protector for the ultimate impact protection.

Defender Series Case with Kickstand

Defender Series iPad (10th gen) case with kickstand is the classroom solution for rugged device protection. A hard internal shell and soft outer slipcover guard against drops, dirt, scrapes and bumps. The case features a slim profile, lighter weight and two angles for easy viewing.

Defender Series with Folio

Versatility for all workplace variables — the convertible folio folds back to function as a stand for convenient handsfree viewing or use it for extra screen protection when carrying the tablet in a backpack or briefcase. The Defender Series with Folio features the same rugged build as our standard Defender Series with 2X DROP+ protection.

Defender Series Case with Strap and Kickstand

The Defender Series iPad (10th gen) case with strap and kickstand offers multilayer protection with a hard internal shell and a soft outer slipcover. The handstrap adjusts to fit various sizes, so every team member can get a better grip on their tech, and the kickstand rotates for easy viewing from any angle. No matter how you look at it, Defender Series keeps your team connected, protected and workingin any environment.

Defender Series Case with Hand Strap, Neck Strap and Kickstand

From line busting to product inventorying, expand at work capabilities with the Defender Series Galaxy Tab S9 FE case with hand strap, neck strap and kickstand. This versatile case solution offers multilayer protection with a hard internal shell, a soft outer slipcover and a built-in screen protector for total 360 coverage. Both hand and neck straps adjust to fit various sizes, so every team member can carry their tech confidently, and the kickstand rotates for simple, secure viewing from all angles. No matter how you look at it, Defender Series is purpose-built for mobile productivity.

Defender Series Division 2

Defender Series Division 2

Device-integrated Defender Series Division 2 for iPad (10th gen) is UL certified for use in hazardous locations. This rugged and reliable case comes fully integrated for instant activation, seamless connection and maximum efficiency.

uniVERSE solutions

Endless possibilities.

uniVERSE Solutions have a slotted rail under its removable accent plate for securely attaching and swapping powerful modules — keyboards, card readers, inventory scanners, mounts and more — without ever removing the case.

Symmetry Series

Symmetry Series with Folio

Designed to cover it all, Symmetry Series with Folio is slim, tough, tested to MIL-STD and includes a multi-use folio that works as both a stationary stand and an on-the-go screen protector. The case’s no-skid rubber feet keep your workplace tablets secure on a range of surfaces. Plus, the integrated Apple Pencil holder* provides safe storage and quick access.

*Apple Pencil not included.

Symmetry Series 360 Elite

Symmetry Series 360 Elite is the clear iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen and 5th gen) case that displays the back of your iPad for easily scanning asset tags. The folio seamlessly folds out of the way and converts to multiple stand angles for comfortable typing and hands-free viewing. And its sleek, resilient design features discreet Apple Pencil* storage.

*Apple Pencil not included.

Hardline Series

Hazardous locations. No hesitations.

Equip your HazLoc teams with the protective, device-integrated iPad case that’s certified by UL for the US and Canada, plus IECEx and ATEX internationally. OtterBusiness Industrial products come certified, integrated and connected for improved onsite safety.

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React Series Folio

Keep the workflow flowing

React Series Folio for iPad protects against drops, while its back window makes it easy to identify engravings and asset tags. Its microfiber lining safeguards the screen, and an elastic closure holds it closed. Convert the folio into two stand positions for convenient typing and viewing and stow your Apple Pencil or stylus* securely inside the case.

*Apple pencil or stylus not included.